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Bassnectar – Now Ft. Rye Rye [FREE DOWNLOAD]

From SC: FREE DOWNLOAD: As we build up to the release of my new album #NVSB, we wanted to give you a sonic gift – this one is a summertime banger… “NOW ft. Rye Rye” is the first of 15 songs, [...]


Bassnectar – Heads Up (West Coast Lo Fi Remix 2013)

From Bassnectar’s SC: Brand new 2013 remix of Heads Up, exclusive to the re-mastered CD edition of Timestretch – out now alongside other Amorphous Music re-releases. Available NOW in our online store or from participating retailers. More info + list [...]


Cheb i Sabbah – Alkher Illa Doffor (Bassnectar Remix 2013) [Donate to Download]

From Bassnectar’s SC: Cheb i Sabbah – Alkher Illa Doffor (Bassnectar Remix 2013) Cheb i Sabbah was a musical pioneer, fusing together entire cultures of sound and music, pushing cutting edge blends of traditional songs with beats and ideas [...]


Get Bassnectar’s ‘Take You Down’ EP & His Immersive Music Mixtape Side 2 for FREE

Get Bassnectar’s “Take You Down” EP HERE and his Immersive Music Mixtape HERE. FROM SC: OUT NOW! Greetings bass heads and immersive freaks! I’m proud to present a new release from my labs… “Take You Down” was put together [...]


Pre-Order Bassnectar’s Take You Down [Special Edit]

From SC: Here’s a special pre-release edit of my new single “Take You Down”.…n-pre-order-now “Take You Down” was put together as a summertime jam… something deep and lush and euphoric. I started it while I was on vacation, and [...]


HODJ – Enlightenment

Massive track from HODJ with some old school Bassnectar vibes with that raw bass we have come to love. Check back soon for the FREE Download. like follow


Not Too Late by Tom Swoon ft. Amba Shepherd (Bassnectar & PatrickReza Remix)

In this high energy remix collaboration, Bassnectar and PAtrick Reza get together to transform “Not Too Late” into everything you would expect from a Bassnectar production…Thick bass, thicker bass, and some more of that good old bass. Reza is a [...]


Underworld – Rez (Bassnectar Remix)

New remix out from Bassnectar today that entails that patented Bassnectar sound with a strong gritty chord progression. This one is a bit more easy listening and ethereal than most with it’s melodic delayed electronic trickle that is the heartbeat [...]


EP review: ill.Gates – Church of Bass

ill.Gates is one of the more prolific, fascinating figures in electronic music right now doing everything from headlining the world’s first concert for the deaf to teaching Abelton classes and providing masterful instructional videos for all types of producers and [...]

EP Review: Minnesota’s “Altered States”

For those of you that don’t know, Minnesota is the producer/dj name for the Santa Cruz, California native Christian Bauhofer. He recently independently dropped his new EP entitled Altered States after a nationwide tour with hip-hop duo Zion-I, where he turned [...]

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