Gillepsy- iThink

From Foundations Recordings SC:

Our next compilation track comes by way of Russian-based producer Gillepsy. His unique take on the future/garage genre is a culmination of a number of started projects in many different genres (breakbeat/chillwave/hip hop). All of these shine as underlying inspirations in Gillepsy’s compositions drawing from a vast pool of musical knowledge and ability. With support from numerous blogs including XLR8R, releases on Russia’s Hyperboloid Records label, current and upcoming remixes of such artists as Pixelord, Julien Mier, BROKEN HAZE, Koloa, and BWWWOYS, physical releases/ airplay through England, Germany, Canada, Norway and Japan, Gillepsy shows no signs of slowing down. Gillepsy has supported numerous forward-thinking artists live such as Lapalux, fLaco, Deft and UZ. His recent release “2014: Online Odyssey” via Hyperboloid Records is another solid collection of genre-bending no-boundaries future sounds that is sure to please anyone looking for a fresh take on popular sounds. His Foundations track “iThink” is an excellent example of Gillepsy’s diversity, ability and comprehension of structure and melody that a lot of big-business electronic music lacks .

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